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What can OTREMENT EVENT offer you ?

  •  The partial or global control of your event.

We send you a detailed project with suggestions for the guiding principle, bias, theme, visual identity, scenography, creation of video clips, animations…

To us, every single detail, every careful little touch contribute to make the event meaningful and  therefore unforgettable.

  • A network and an contact address book developed over more than 10 years
  • An outside look with a global and innovative vision
  • A professional, passionate and attentive team. We love it that our work is so challenging because it constantly demands enormous creativity as all projects are different and  furthermore every day brings new encounters and powerful emotions.
  • Your event will be managed by one dedicated member of staff. Every team member is an expert in listening skills, empathy and reactivity. We also make sure you have the required insurance policies while complying with the safety and hygiene standards in force..


General and plenary meetings, conventions, congresses

Examples of services provided

  • Drafting of specifications
  • Creation of an image and identity
  • Staging and scenography
  • Artistic direction
  • Plenarian animation
  • Conception of video clips
  • Registration platform
  • Mobile application


Galas, birthday parties, clients' evenings, parades, prize-giving ceremonies, staff parties.

Examples of services provided

  • Suggestions of Themes
  • Scenography and staging
  • Artistic direction
  • Management of catering services


Institutional event, site event, inauguration of company branch, factory or shop

Examples of services provided

  • Invitations management
  • Site presentation
  • Organisation and staging
  • Protocol development
  • Artistic direction
  • Management of catering services


Induction seminars, direction committee seminar, management team seminars both in France and abroad, clients' trips, incentive trips (or reward travel)

Examples of services provided

  • Drafting of specifications
  • Destinations research
  • Transfers management
  • Preparation of visual (and other)aids
  • Program development


Road show, collection launching, internal & external launching

Examples of services provided

  • Identifying suitable locations
  • Site and product staging
  • Invitations management
  • Creation of image and identity
  • Stand design

team building

Incentives, personalised activities

Examples of services provided

  • Identifying suitable location(s)
  • Elaborating the guiding principle
  • Needs and objectives analysis
  • Creation of the project or suggestions of suitable activities


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